How to Quit Smoking: Top Five Reasons People Should Quit Smoking Today

So what is the big deal if you are not ready to quit smoking? Don’t you care if smell like smoke all the time……sometimes mints doesn’t really help? You don’t care if your voice sounds heavy or cracked, and nobody wants to look older and wrinkly than they really are…probably you started smoking because you think it was cool thing to do at the time and now you are addicted to smoking and can’t find a way to quit smoking. Is it getting more and more difficult for you to quit smoking? Well, here are five good reasons for you to quit smoking NOW

Reasons to quit smoking

Okay, I am sure that you must be tired of hearing a million times that ‘cigarette is bad for your health’ and you also know that people will die whether or not they are a smoker so what’s the big deal if you smoke. But probably you don’t realize that you are killing yourself quicker than you think. What most people don’t realize is how smoking really affecting them and also those around them? As a matter of fact some smokers know that they are indeed killing themselves but they haven’t got the strength or the motivation to be able to quit smoking. Here is a list of reasons why you should quit smoking. Take a look below.

1. People have been watching you.

Oh no! I don’t mean that you are being watched by people of the health department. You might think that they are just waiting to put you behind bars for not being able to quit smoking cigarette. What I really meant was you are constantly being observed by all the people around you, especially your friends and family. They are just dying to see you quit smoking and turn your life around. Do you have younger sibling that look up to you as a role model? Survey has shown that most kids start smoking early in their teens simply because their family and relatives are smoking around them. Would you like to see your younger sister or brother following your footsteps? sale on weed vaporizers

2. Affecting people around you

You should realize by now that you are also affecting people around you. Apart from being a bad influence, do you now realize that you are also hampering the health and fitness of those who are always around you? Do you have any knowledge of passive smoking? Have anyone ever told you that the smoke that come from the cigarette will cause chronic health problems, lung disease and most of all breathing issues for those around you? You should realize by now that your smoking can and will make either your kids or your spouse suffer from certain conditions, isn’t that good enough reason to quit smoking NOW.

3. You are going down the path of loneliness

I want you to think about all the questions that I have just asked you. Will you consider to quit smoking now or would you rather be alone for the rest of your life. None of your close friends or family members will ever come around you because of your smoking habit. Think about it for a second and let the reason to quit smoking soak in. Non smokers won’t even go on a date with you if they know that you are a smoker. Why? I am going to let you figure that one out for yourself. I have friends that told me that they are sleeping in separate bedrooms because their sexual partners won’t quit smoking. I remember reading an article in the Daily news about children suffering from asthma at a very early age because their parents won’t quit smoking. I have seen commercials on the television with a woman who had to amputate her fingers and toes because she couldn’t quit smoking. Let’s face the truth don’t you really want to quit smoking?

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